Meet Oskar Sala, The Pioneer Of Electronic Music, Honoured By Google Doodle On 112th Birth Anniversary

Meet Oskar Sala, The Pioneer Of Electronic Music, Honoured By Google Doodle On 112th Birth Anniversary
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On the occasion of Oskar Sala’s 112th birth anniversary, Google Doodle pays tribute to the pioneer of electronic music

Google is celebrating the 112th birth anniversary of Oskar Saka, a physicist and composer. The tech big has paid a particular tribute to Oskar Sala by making an inventive doodle dedicated to him. Also known as the pioneer of electronic music, Oskar Sala was born in Greiz, Germany in 1910. He used to play an instrument known as the Trautonium, which is an electronic synthesizer invented in 1930.

Sala’s mother was a singer and his father was an ophthalmologist with musical expertise, and he was immersed in music since start. He began performing classical piano concerts and discovered piano and organ from a younger age. He additionally studied piano and composition with composer and violist Paul Hindemith on the Berlin conservatory. Later, Sala developed an interest in trautonium, invented by Friedrich Trautwein. He got fascinated by the tonal prospects and know-how of Trautonium, and his curiosity additionally inspired his research in physics and composition in school.

Later, Sala developed Mixtur-Trautonium, which had a unique design and was able to playing a number of sounds or voices simultaneously. He created electronic music with his training as a composer and an electro-engineer. His work in digital music made his music fashion different from others.

He labored on creating the scores for a lot of films within the 1940s and 1950s. Later, he produced digital soundtracks for many movies at his own studio at Mars movie GmbH and also composed soundtracks for radio and tv, including Rosemary (1959) and The Birds (1962).

Later, Sala also developed the Quartett-Trautonium, Concert Trautonium and the Volkstrautonium. Also known as a one-man orchestra, Sala’s work in digital music opened the sector of subharmonics, which is a sequence of notes that outcomes from inverting the intervals of the overtone sequence.

Sala donated his original mixture-trautonium to the German Museum for Up to date Technology in 1995. He received many awards for his work and contribution to electronic music.

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