Hazrat Ali Birthday 2022: Date, History, Celebration

Hazrat Ali Birthday 2022: Date, History, Celebration

Hazrat Ali, believed to be the son-in-law of Prophet Muhammad, is likely one of the most influential figures in Islam. Whereas he’s thought of as the first Imam by the Shia Muslim Neighborhood, the Sunnis hold him in great prestige too.

He’s additionally said to be the first one that accepted Islam as his religion and was of the opinion that Islam is the faith of mankind.

Hazrat Ali’s birthday honors the start of Ali ibn Abu Talib in February. Hazrat Ali was born in Mecca, which is touted because of the holiest place in Islam. He was the first man to embrace Islam as his nonsecular path, and Muhammad because the Prophet of God. It’s believed that Hazrat Ali was the son-in-law of Prophet Muhammad.


The date of Hazrat Ali’s birth is determined by the Islamic lunar calendar. As a result, Hazrat Ali’s birthday this year might be celebrated today, on February 15.

Hazrat Ali was said to be born in 599 AD on the 13th day of the Islamic month of Rajab. His mother and father have been Abu Talib and Fatima bint Asda. He was born in Mecca, amid the sacred grounds of the Kaaba.

Hazrat Ali, the cousin, and son-in-law of Prophet Muhammad was believed to be the first male to transform to Islam. As a prominent determine in Islam, he fought with Muhammad in quite a few battles. He married Fatimah, Muhammad’s daughter, and has become his son-in-law.

Shias and Sunnis respect Hazrat Ali in distinct manners, though each agrees that he was a trustworthy ruler and a nonsecular Muslim. Hazrat Ali ruled until the year 661. Ibn Muljam hit him in the head with a poisonous sword when he was praying at Kufa’s Nice Mosque. He died on the nineteenth day of Ramadan. As a result of his extreme injuries, Hazrat Ali became a martyr.


The birthday of Hazrat Ali is a pleasant and pleasing event honoring his dedication to Islam. Mosques are decked up and illuminated for the event. Devotees collect to hope, have a delicious meal, and find out about Ali’s function in spreading Islam over the world on this day.

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