Hamilton wants tyre war return after the backlash against 2021 tyres

Hamilton wants tyre war return after the backlash against 2021 tyres
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Lewis Hamilton has urged Formula 1 ought to reintroduce a tyre conflict between producers following the criticism of the prototype 2021 rubber Pirelli has produced. 

After sampling the prototype C3 tyres in follow for this weekend’s Bahrain Grand Prix, Hamilton expressed his frustration that Pirelli “had two years now to develop a greater tyre” and that F1 has “arrived with a tyre that is three kilos heavier and it is like a second worse per lap”. 

Formula 1 has had a single tyre provider since 2007 – when the Michelin vs Bridgestone tyre conflict ended within the aftermath of the notorious 2005 US GP, and Bridgestone then supplied all of the groups till the top of 2010, when Pirelli took over. 

The current tyres have been in use since the start of 2019 after the prototypes developed for this season have been rejected after the drivers sampled them in follow on the 2019 US GP. 

“It’s tough for us drivers to say [what we think about the tyres],” Hamilton stated, when requested if any stress to stay with the prevailing tyres had already been utilized to Pirelli.  

“We attempt to be constructive, we attempt to be supportive within the background and nothing adjustments. After which even once we say one thing not too optimistic within the media nothing adjustments. 

“I do miss the tyre war that used to occur in Components 1. I think that it’s nice.  While you don’t have any competitors, you’ve received nobody to base yourself on.  

“Simply think about us as a team, or for Max and his team, and none of us [Mercedes] have been right here – they wouldn’t develop as they do now as a result of they’re chasing and competing in opposition to different folks. 

“Components 1 must do one thing completely different sooner or later and that’s one thing we have to do.” 

Hamilton’s Mercedes teammate Valtteri Bottas defined that “[of] our understanding with the brand new tyres, the principle distinction was when it comes to reliability”, as Pirelli has strengthened the rubber to avoid additional failures associated to the speeds and hundreds reached by the ultra-high-downforce cars now competing in F1. 

There have been a number of cases of failures within the 2020 season – most notably to the 2 Mercedes cars and McLaren’s Carlos Sainz within the British GP and for Lance Stroll at Mugello. 

“They got quite a bit heavier like just because there is extra material to try to stop any punctures or failures that we had which is a vital factor,” added Bottas.  

“However then on the other hand, the performance was not fairly there, as anticipated.  

“[It was] fairly a bit slower and never that good feeling to drive. I wasn’t a giant fan of these tyres, personally. 

Talking alongside the Mercedes duo within the post-qualifying press conference for the Bahrain race, Purple Bull’s Max Verstappen explained that the racers “simply have to speak to Pirelli and I hope in addition they hear a bit to the drivers”.

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